Sometimes you need a little extra cash or a new job altogether. Here are five out of the box jobs that are hiring in Grand Junction now.

Open Minded Cleaner

This ad is looking for "an open minded female to help with house cleaning a couple times a month." I'm not sure what open minded means in this context but, be careful. $60-$80 an hour for this gig.

Food Trucker

Your aspirations of driving around in a mobile kitchen can come true now! Either a six month or year long lease is available. Although, you have to spend some money to make your dream come true. At $850 a month, it makes you question if you can live in the food truck too.

Travel Trailer Trucker

This person is looking for someone to haul a travel trailer from Grand Junction to Eaton, part timeColorado. Who is up for over 10 hours of driving? Hope they pay for your gas! They made sure to say "thank you for your looksey" - you're welcome?

Get Paid to Eat Chocolate

Just kidding, but Hershey's is hiring a Retail Sales Merchandiser. Visit your accounts build displays and hopefully get lots of free chocolate. This is a part-time job that pays $13.50 an hour AND 53 cents on each mile.

FWB Until the End

When your time is limited, you want company and I guess it doesn't matter who it is? This guy has Congestive Heart Failure and is looking for a "FWB" type situation "for as long as I have left. 6 months? 6 years? Longer? Doubt it." No boyfriends or kids are allowed and you must be over 25 and a female. Is this even legal?

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