Fire restrictions are beginning in Mesa County beginning May 4. Here's what that means for you.

The Mesa County Sheriff and Fire Chiefs are enacting fire restrictions early here in Mesa County.We're going in stage one fire restrictions because of the 'extreme fire danger and ongoing drought conditions,' according to a Mesa County Sheriff.

The most recent examples of what happens to a fire in these condition are the Skipper Island fire and the Rosevale fire. Skipper Island fire burned over 200 acres and the the Rosevale fire burned over 10 acres.

Here's what stage one fire restrictions means for us in Mesa County:

Things You Can Do

  • Shootings sports
  • Have a fire inside of a fire pit of fire ring
  • Set off fireworks with a permit

Things You Can't Do

  • Use explosive targets while shooting
  • Have a fire just...oustide
  • Set off fireworks without a permit

There are more things you can and can't do, see the full list from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office here.

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