Mark your calendars for the sequel of "Finding Nemo" -- "Finding Dory." Looks like we finllay get to find out what has been happening since we found Nemo.

"Finding Dory" will of course be bring back Ellen DeGeneres as 'Dory' and Alfred Brooks as Marlin!

After I saw this on the web today I was thinking what the plot would be about! Here are my questions I hope get answered:

  • Will Dory have a little fish of her owen?
  • Does Dory and Marlin "Hook up" !
  • Will Nemo be in his teen fish years?
  • Will Marlins clown jokes be super funny?
  • How many tears will I shed?

Will Dory have a family of her own? After a little research it looks like Dory will find out the meaning of family. I can't wait to get my fish on!

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