People love to speculate about Pixar movies. There’s even a whole “Pixar Theory” about how every movie exists in the same shared universe (one with humans and talking toys and talking ants and a gigantic menagerie of horrors when you think about it). Then there are the famous Pixar Easter eggs; in jokes and references to other Pixar movies, both past and present, that litter the backgrounds of every single Pixar movie.

We’ve collected some of the coolest Pixar Easter eggs here on the site before (you’ll find the gallery below). But apparently we missed a pretty significant one. As the video above reveals, there’s been an “ultimate” Pixar Easter egg hiding in plain sight all this time thanks to the power of octopus camouflage.

Director Andrew Stanton of Pixar’s next animated feature, Finding Dory, is joined by Modern Family star and NO MA’AM charter member Ed O’Neill, who voices this mysterious rascal in the new movie. That’d be Hank the Octopus, who can change his colors and has been doing so through 20 years of Pixar movies.

Or not. Because it’s April Fools’ Day. But Finding Dory still looks great, and I love that Ed O’Neill voices a major character in the film. It opens in theaters on June 17. And Pixar are fans are so nuts, they’re probably going to actually go through each of the company’s movies and try to find this damn octopus somewhere in the background of each of them.

Check Out a Gallery of (Actual) Pixar Easter eggs:

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