These Fifth Harmony ladies are really something. Yes, they are cute as buttons and they're songs are totally catchy, but these girls can seriously seriously carry a tune. They appeared on the 'TODAY' show this morning and performing on 'X Factor' was obviously great practice, because we sensed not even the slightest jitters from the girls.

They first performed 'Miss Movin' On' for hoard of Harmonizers gathered in Rockefeller Plaza. Their fanbase is already big, but this particular group of enthusiasts is seriously dedicated. New York City was scorching hot this morning! We definitely think 5H gave their fans a performance that was totally worthwhile standing in the oppressive heat this morning.

The ladies stuck around for a quick interview with Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie before their performance of 'Me & My Girls.'

When asked to describe their sudden success the girls said, "It's a whirlwind. There's no better word to describe it." Over a million views of their video for 'Miss Movin' On,' we'd definitely say this is a whirlwind!

Camilla explained that they are really excited about their original songs after performing covers for so long saying, "Now people are getting to hear our sound and kind of like what the album will be like. So it's cool to be performing out original songs."

The ladies are currently living in Los Angeles in two apartments with a couple of guardians that, according to the girls, keep them out of trouble. Phew! We don't need any more wild teen pop stars!

How cute is Fifth Harmony?!

Fifth Harmony
Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images

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