Castles are the kind of structures that all people tend to love. They are old and have so much history. So I thought why not take a look at the castles around Colorado. It's a lot cheaper than trying to go to Scotland.

The first majestic castle is going to be Dunafon Castle in Idledale, Colo. This castle is used for special private events even though it is a residential property, It also has a private trout pond that takes up 1500 feet! You can also hike on the 17 acres that they have to offer.

The Miramont Castle located in Manitou Springs, Colo. is actually a castle and a museumSo it gives you an up close look at the days of old. They have their rooms set up in a Victorian Style. You can also enjoy tea time in the queen's parlor room. Make sure to call ahead of time to set your reservations for lunch. Go feel like a queen or king yourself by visiting Miramont Castle.

This castle is probably the most unique of the castles. I am talking about Bishop's Castle in Rye, Colo. This castle was built by one man who was a high school dropout with an amazing entrepreneur spirit. It has three stories of full rooms and also a grand ballroom. To top it off other than the amazing views, it has a fire breathing dragon! Did I mention that it is free to visit?  Now is the time to check out this incredibly unique castle.

The Cherokee Ranch and Castle in Sedalia, Colo. has the best views of all the castles. Being a 1920s landmark makes even that much more special. They also offer it as a venue for whatever you would like to do. Feel free to rent out a room or two and tell your friends that you are the king of the castle. It also has over 3000 acres of land for you to enjoy. This to me gives the full feeling of a living in the times of the castle.

If you want to just get away from it all this castle is for you. Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs, Colo. You can go and stay the night in this beautiful castle. Or enjoy one of the many events they have going on. Have tea or even take a tour the choice is completely yours. But know once it's time to leave, they will have you feeling like royalty.

Hop in your horse and carriage and go check out these amazing castles in gorgeous Colorado. I didn't even know a couple of these existed!

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