What are your favorite Retro Hits and artists of the 80s? Was it Michael Jackson, or perhaps Biz Markie, or did you have a set of "Betty Davis Eyes"?

If you feathered your hair or grabbed a cool pair of parachute pants, these songs were a part of your life. Check out these videos and take a trip back to when leg warmers were cool, and "Where's the Beef?" was on your TV.

Here is my list of the 5 top 80's tunes....see if you agree with me!!

1. "Thriller" - Michael Jackson

2. "Walk This Way" - Run DMC

3. "You Have To Fight For Your Right To Party" - Beastie Boys

4. "Rio" - Duran Duran

5. Physical - Olivia Newton John (gotta love that video!)

What are your favorite tunes that bring you back to that time?