This dude performed a world class miracle by keeping his cool while encountering a mountain lion in British Columbia, Canada. If you encountered a mountain lion on a Western Colorado trail, could you keep it together like this guy?

As you can see in the video, this mountain lion is either insatiably curious or has a wicked case of the munchies, or maybe both.

Chris, the gentlemen shooting the video, obviously read the training manual chapter on what to do when encountering a creature such as this. He keeps his cool, speaks in a firm tone, and doesn't run.

Warning signs on Western Colorado trails offer some sound advice as to how to handle an encounter with a mountain lion. These suggestions, as solid as they are, are easier said than done.

Note the instructions listed on the sign posted on Grand Junction's Audubon Trail. How many of these instructions did the man in the video obey?

Waylon Jordan

By my count, the man making the video followed these instructions:

  • stay calm
  • don't run
  • face lion
  • fight back (which he was prepared for, but fortunately, didn't have to do)

Barely a year ago, in the Fall of 2014, I personally encountered a mountain lion not more than a thousand feet from where the above sign is posted. Upon catching a glimpse of this animal as it crossed the trail, I reacted by doing the following:

  • froze in my tracks
  • suffered a massive anxiety attack
  • reached for the gun I didn't have

Think about it - if you hike trails around Western Colorado, there is a strong chance you might one day encounter a mountain lion. Chances are, you've been within a stone's throw of one, and didn't even know it. If and when that day comes, will you be prepared to keep your cool like the guy in the video?