I know walking on trails and riding your bike is fun, but I know I need a bit more extreme things to get my blood pumping. Let's take a look at Colorado and see what kind of extreme things we can do.

First Ascent Mountain School in Colorado Springs has it all when it comes to outdoor adventure. From rock and ice climbing, and mountain biking trips. They offer a little of everything something for the whole family. The classes and clinics they have are on par with some of the countries best. I am going to give this one a shot. I hate anything the involves heights. I have already fallen off a cliff so how bad could this be? Did I mention every instructor is internationally certified?

Time to go fast at Pikes Peak International Speedway and do the Rusty Wallace Experience. There are different packages to choose from. You can either do a ride along or drive the car yourself. If it were me though, I would have to drive the car. Who wouldn't want to feel like they were in a NASCAR race? I would definitely do this with my dad so I can have bragging rights when I beat him.

If you like adrenaline and also like getting wet, Adventures in Whitewater is one of the best places to go. Whitewater rafting is one of the most fun things I have done in my life. They have many different classes to choose from. You can take an overnight trip, to it's all up to you. I suggest you try it because it will be some of the most fun you will ever have.

Mile-Hi-Skydiving is a premier place to get your skydiving kicks. I am not sure if my adrenaline needs will be done by this one. But then again it just might. They strap you to a professional and away you go. These guys do this full time so you know that they are the best at what they do.

The Oxotic Supercar Experience is one I would like to do the most. I know I will never own a supercar, so why not pay to drive one? You follow the instructor while driving a supercar of your choice. I mean the gamer in me can't contain his excitement. I think my car choice is going to be the Mclaren Spyder. I think that I am going to do this one with my wife!

If adrenaline is your thing then you can't go wrong with any of these choices. Feel free to let us know about your experience!

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