Elvis Monroe may be one of the best bands you never heard of, at least not yet.  The band consists of members of Matchbox Twenty, Lifehouse, Savage Garden and Emerson Drive, along with my friend Bryan Hopkins, who I've known for several years going back to my Alaska days when he fronted a band called Paperback Hero. Check em out.

They have a unique story and an amazing ability to make friends and fans wherever they go. When you have Chad Jeffers (Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban) playing Lap Steel just to be part of the moment you know that the Elvis Monroe story is garnering momentum at a fast and furious pace.

Somewhere along their journey actor, martial artist, UFC and MMA legend Randy 'The Natural' Couture became a fan and is now a close personal friend of the band.

Imagine one of the baddest men to ever climb into the UFC octagon, writing poetry and becoming an integral part of the Elvis Monroe story.

Watch this Video as Elvis Monroe and Randy Couture do a takeover of a  Las Vegas radio morning show and get their single 'Rebel" played for the first time on the radio.

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