A herd of elk crossing the street caused a traffic jam in Estes Park. I lost count of how many elk are crossing, I'd say there's over 20 in this herd here, how about you?

I'd say this definitely this traffic jam pretty much beats all others. I'd much rather be looking at these majestic creatures than the bumper of someone's car.

After someone honks a few times, one bull rapidly approaches the person's car videotaping the herd and I flinch for them. I think the person does too because they put the phone down for a minute.

The elk inches between two cars the car and let out a squeal. I swear he's going to hit the cars with his antlers. It almost seems like this is his response to the honking like, "hey, you be patient and wait until my herd crosses!" The bull is the last to cross to the other side of the intersection in Estes Park. Although this traffic jam may seem inconvenient, we've got to share the land.