Watch this video a crazy huge dust devil that just hit Pueblo. This dust devil whipped past Pueblo West High School, just barely missing it.

Pueblo West High School Athletics shared a very scary video of a gigantic dust devil that was right outside either window. The dust devil appears to swil and swil, getting bigger and bigger.

It seems like the huge dust devil is coming straight for Pueblo West High School when all of a sudden -- the winds change. The dust devil begins moving in a different direction, away from the high school. Thankfully this monstrosity missed Pueblo West High School, but just barely.

Even though it really resembles one, this is a dust devil and not a tornado. The dust devil was produced from high winds by outflow boundaries from nearby storms according to KOAA.

Ironically, Pueblo West High School's mascot is the cyclones. Thankfully this dust devil just breezed by the high school and someone took a video of it all. I can't believe how big this storm is, just look:

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