Seeing the current state of our fisheries and bodies of water in general here in Colorado is heartbreaking. This is why the drained lakes in Mesa County make my heartbreak.

After talking to a friend of mine, Tyler Morris from Western Anglers, he told me some heartbreaking news. He went up to the Mesa to go fishing recently and saw that numerous lakes weren't just low, they were gone.

Multiple lakes on the Grand Mesa have been drained leaving thousands of fish massacred. This includes Colorado's state fish, the rare and majestic greenback cutthroat trout. This isn't the only place where lakes are drained.

Just this past weekend I went fishing off 30 Road and I walked up to my fishing spot only to find that it was gone. There is not one single drop of water left in that lake. It saddens me to think about what happened to the fish that used to live there.

The recent drought has had a terrible impact on local fisheries. This is how Tyler, who is a fly fishing guide for Western Anglers, feels about it.

It breaks my heart and I feel like we're not doing enough to be proactive to change the situation for the future.

When I asked Tyler what he thinks we should be doing to prepare for the future and to not get ourselves back in our current situation, he told me that:

We should be creating more storage for water, improving dams and just improving our overall usage of water.

Tyler and I agree that the population in Mesa County is increasing and we need to keep up with it.

The water usage is at tipping point and we need make sure to plan ahead so we have enough to go around.

It seems like our water situation in Colorado is just getting worse and worse and I'm not sure what the backup plan is -- or if we even have one. I don't think that we should allow ourselves to get into situations like our current one.

We both believe that it's going to take everyone working together and getting on the same page to save our fisheries and to conserve our water usage.

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