Forget a ball or a Frisbee. Dogs really like pucks.

For reasons that we neither know nor care to guess, someone made a video of dogs playing hockey.

It's an adorable slice of the internet you had no idea you needed until you watch it and wonder how you've gone this long without ever seeing it.

Hmm, maybe these critters ought to get a pickup game going against these dogs, who have also taken a shine to the sport.

How well pooches could do playing hockey remains to be seen. There's always the chance they eat the puck. Instead of body checking, they may start humping the opponent. They could melt the ice by peeing on it and then make things worse by trying to chew their way out of the penalty box.

Still, it'd be pretty darned cute to watch. If they can have the Puppy Bowl, then we long for the Puppy Stanley Cup, too.

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