I think the weather in Colorado enjoys teasing us by being unpredictable.

Being a Colorado native I've come to realize if I don't like the weather all I have to do is wait a half an hour and it'll be great.

Colorado's weather is deceiving. It's like being in an unfaithful relationship. One day it can be in the high 70s and the next day there are blizzard warnings on the news.

It's not nice and loves jokes and I do think the weather laughs in the wind when it's being cruel.

Anyone that has out-of-town visitors needs to let their company know how to pack when they come to visit. They need to be prepared for all four seasons all in one day.

Colorado life has proven to be out-of-control some days. Somedays I would like a divorce from it but other days the weather is so kind and beautiful that I end up sticking around.

It's ruthless sometimes but the good outweighs the bad.

Nature wins every time, dang it.

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