If you are a small business, this is the day to be heard! March 7th is National Be Heard Day.

This is day is meant for small businesses. It gives them a platform for everyone to see that they are around. The way to do it, see what other people are doing on social media.

Take a look at how you are trying to get your small business noticed. If it isn't working see what is working on social media, marketing, and change it up. It is meant to give you a voice between all the big companies.

If I owned my own small business, I would definitely take advantage of this day. Changing things up could really help your small business succeed. This day was started by Business Mentor Shannon Cherry. in 2004. She did it to help give a voice to all the small businesses.

Don't' forget to use #NationalBeHeardDay when posting on social media. It will help get you heard!

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