Imagine getting engaged at the top of the mountain — and then having no photos of it. This mystery couple is probably wondering when they'll get the scenic pics a generous stranger offered to take for them in the Colorado Rockies. Now, that photographer is desperately trying to find them.

Laura Penning of Laura Penning Photography was in the right place at the right time when a 'random couple' got engaged on Hoosier Pass near Breckenridge. The photographer shared on Facebook that she happened to snap photos of the couples' special moments, but she doesn't actually know who they are.

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According to KKTV, a lack of cell service is to blame. Penning told KKTV that she believed she got the couples' contact information, but it didn't get saved in her phone up at 11,000 feet. She now has photos of the she-said-yes moment but doesn't know how to get the pictures to the couple.

'Please share as I put their contact in my phone but with service or something, I have no idea, it did not save and I have no idea how to find them!!!!!!,' Penning's Facebook post reads. Penning added in a comment that she took the photos on Sunday, June 27. She's hopeful that if the photos are shared online, someone will be able to identify the newly engaged couple, who could be from out of state. You can see Penning's Facebook post, below.

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