As an avid hiker, I have spent a lot of time on the trails located in our area, and by that, I mean trails that are around an hour and a half away at most.

While I hope to eventually branch out and cover more of the trails that cover the state of Wyoming, at this point in my life as a working mom of 5, I have to keep it a bit closer to home.

Cathy Holman
Cathy Holman

I recently had a listener reach out to me and ask if I could share some of my favorite hikes, and make sure I include details about how easy or difficult they language anyone can understand.

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I knew what she meant when she said that, some of the trail ratings can be a bit confusing.

I have also added in my descriptions what I think you should pack and if it's a good trail to take children on.

Keep in mind you should always apply sunscreen before every hike.

Please remember, you can always message me in the app if you have any questions!

Which one of these trails do you think looks like one you HAVE to try?

If you think we left a trail off our list let us know.

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