This weekend was pretty hot. So we decided to go on a little bit of a hike and maybe get a tan. We were going to go to Independence Monument but with not a lot of time, we decided to go hiking a little bit closer to home.

We ended up going to Dinosaur Hill which is a pretty easy hike. The trail itself is lined out with big rocks so you know where it leads. This trail is really cool because it had a spot where you can see where they discovered a dinosaur.

Of course, it is fenced off so you can't go into it, but it is something cool to see.

The scenery on this trail was amazing! Seeing the Colorado National Monument spread out like that is something you have to see. If you decide to hike this trail you will see all the formations and cascading rocks.

Make sure to bring some sunscreen and some water, though. I forgot the sunscreen and now I look Mr. Crabs.

I had a lot of fun hiking on this trail. Seeing things that have been there for who knows how long. I recommend this trail if you just want a quick hike, or if you want to take your kids outside. This trail is perfect for them. Did I mention that there are big lizards too?

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