Devil's Backbone Open Space in Loveland has a 13.2-mile mountain biking trail. Most of us aren't likely to take it on; this man filmed the ride.

Thousands have traversed the trails at Devil's Backbone Open Space has over 17 miles of trails that can get you all the way to Horsetooth Mountain Open Space. I, like many, have taken the trail by foot out to the Keyhole and back, but that's about it.

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If you are a mountain biker maybe you have hit this singletrack set of loops, as this YouTuber did. When I think of 'singletrack' I think of that great beer from Boulder Beer, but I digress. See, I'd rather enjoy a Singletrack and watch a mountain bike ride than actually a mountain bike.

This rider uses his GoPro to give us a first-hand 'Point of View' look at the trail and the ride in July of 2021 as it climbs about 1,200 feet, with his commentary along the way.

Avoiding snakes will be the key for today....

No kidding; snakes are prevalent at Devil's Backbone, though I'd be less worried on top of a mountain bike.

In the Hunter Loop portion of the ride, the trail does get pretty gnarly; I'd get off the bike too; I wouldn't be out there to 'win it,' just to do it.

Now that they have it labeled as 'treacherous' I'm interested to see how it gets..

He finds out.

It is pretty fun being along for the ride; I can feel my heart race in some of those sketchy stretches, and the wide-open runs feel like you're flying down that trail.

I wonder if he stopped for a craft beer afterward; Big Beaver is right down the road from Devil's Backbone, just sayin'.

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