Blue-Green algae blooms are poisonous to dogs. With the temperatures getting warmer, and the still waters in Northern Colorado, dog owners should take caution.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many folks across Northern Colorado added one or more dogs to their family. It's important to know the danger dogs face in summertime.

According to 9News, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is warning the public to be aware of the dangers of blue-green algae, especially when it comes to dogs.

Where many of the blooms we may see on water are not harmful, the toxins in blue-green algae can be fatal, quickly, to dogs.

Signs to look for regarding toxic blue-green algae:

  • They may look like thick pea soup or spilled paint on the water's surface.
  • They can create a thick mat of foam along the shoreline.
  • Usually, they are green or blue-green, although they can be brown, purple or white.
  • Sometimes are made up of small specks or blobs floating just at or below the water's surface.

Blooms that are not harmful:

  • They have long, stringy bright green grass strands that feel either slimy or cottony.
  • They're mustard yellow (which is probably is pollen.)

Dogs love water, so keep an eye out for 'strange' water.

The video below gives great detail on the dangers of blue-green algae to dogs:

Get more on Colorado's blue-green algae dangers from 9News HERE.

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