For those in Colorado who love to watch the skies, December will not disappoint.

This week the Geminid meteor shower gets underway. December 13-14 will be when you can see the most meteors but this isn't the only thing you can expect to see. Since the nights are longer, there is much more to see and be in awe of. Some may be difficult to pick up, though, as this occurs right after the full moon.

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The December Solstice begins on December 21 and is the longest night of the year. If you want to sit out and watch the stars, though, you better bundle up. And to round out the month of sky watching, don't forget the last solar eclipse of the decade. Known as the "ring of fire" eclipse, the full extent will be seen in the Middle East, but the rest of us will experience a partial eclipse.

Skywatching is fun, especially in the winter. Just make sure you stay warm and have plenty of hot cocoa.




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