Date Night Ideas for You and Your Special Someone

Date night can almost seem like an impossible dream. I am here to tell you that you can have date night. Ranging from inexpensive to a little pricey, I am here to give you a few ideas to take that special someone on a fantastic evening out.

To start it off we are going to go a little bit inexpensive but still romantic.

I am talking about an evening picnic.

Make everything at home first, it could be something small or a full course, That is of course up to you. Grab what you want to load the basket and whisk your special somebody away for a wonderful evening.

Next on the list is a little bit more on the fun side. Both of you can feel like a pro golfer while playing some mini golf! You both can get a little bit competitive and have the one who loses pay for the food. Fun for the both of you.

This one is just a little more just for the two of you. Whoever is putting on the date, needs to go out and get fresh ingredients and make dinner at home. Set up candles, have the wine chilled, and a wonderful homemade dinner ready. Your significant other would love the effort you put into the evening. Not too expensive but could become a little pricey.

Okay, this one is definitely a little bit more expensive than the others but is well worth it. The both of you need to get dressed up for the evening and head out for a night on the town. Beforehand, be sure to set a reservation at a restaurant that you have never been to.  The two of you will feel amazing and also be looking fantastic while doing it.

My final choice is the most expensive of them all. That being said if you have a babysitter for the weekend it is also the most fun.

Pack your bags, you are going for a weekend get away! Make a reservation out of town for the weekend, and go and experience a change of scenery. Go out and about on the town (not your town of course). This one will bring you both closer together while taking advantage of the fact that you have no kids!

If you have any other ideas on date night feel free to comment your ideas.

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