Because of all of the mining that went on in Colorado back in the day, there are quite a few ghosts towns in our great state. A lot of these towns were abandoned because of contamination of the water and other resources as a result of the mines.

The Need to Leave

Not only were the towns abandoned by the residents, but many of their belongings were left behind as well. Granted, these situations were much less detrimental and scary than, say, the Chernobyl incident, but it was most definitely the smart thing for these residents to relocate for health and safety reasons.

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The Lost Town of Keota, Colorado

One of Colorado's ghost towns that was abandoned is a small, fairly unknown town by the name of Keota. I find it fascinating and a little eery to see towns that were just completely abandoned, especially when former residents simply leave all of their belongings behind.

Check out this home that was abandoned in the ghost town of Keota, Colorado:

Explore a Creepy Old House in an Abandoned Colorado Town

A lot has been abandoned in the Colorado ghost town of Keota, including this house with much of the former residents’ belongings still inside.

Man Stumbles Upon 'Cave to Hell' in Colorado

 A Colorado man stumbled upon a strange man-made structure with the words ‘Cave to Hell’ written on the entrance.

15 Best Small Towns in Colorado to Visit

Whether they might be ski towns, old mining towns, or towns known for their hot springs, Colorado has no shortage of great small towns. I've lived in four very different parts of Colorado in my 34 years on this planet, (Eagle, Pueblo, Fort Collins, and Grand Junction,) and have traveled all over the state.

However, The Crazy Tourist's list of the 15 best small towns to visit in Colorado actually features some towns that I've never been to.

According to The Crazy Tourist, these are the 15 best small towns to visit in Colorado.