Colorados hemp industry is getting a shot of life put back into it by the Senate's majority leader  Republican Mitch McConnell.

Mr. McConnell wants to introduce The Hemp Farming Act of 2018. It would remove hemp as a controlled substance and make it become an agricultural commodity.

Colorado grows more hemp than any other state. The Farm Bill which gives hemp growers federal protection for growing hemp is even stronger in Colorado since the voters voted for the adult use of cannabis.

Colorado grows about one-third of all hemp crops having over 9,000 acres just in Colorado. The upside for hemp outweighs the negative. Hemp can be used for all sorts different things from biofuels to medicine and everything in between.

I think this should be done without a moment's hesitation. In addition to the money that Colorado makes with the sale of marijuana, adding hemp products and sales to the mix would be huge for the state, not to mention the nation.

Making hemp an agricultural commodity would mean more money for the state. On top of that, it would bring on a wider variety of goods nationwide. I don't see the bad in any of this. Hemp can't be used for medicinal anyways, so why not have it be farmed?

What is your take on the hemp industry? Are you for it or against it? Let me know in the comments!

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