Our listeners in Grand Junction are a bunch of Colorado Master Chefs, I tell ya!

We got on the subject of leftovers and how some foods just taste better the second day. Sometimes, some meals taste BETTER the second day than they did the first time.

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Grand Junction, Colorado Knows How To Cook a Great Meal

Based on the suggestions in the photo gallery below, we have some folks who are serious about their leftovers. Rachel and I could eat Thanksgiving leftovers for about a week straight and never complain. We love them!

Some of you combined some amazing leftovers to make food combos worthy of being featured on "Best Leftovers Ever" on Netflix or IMBD. Y'all rock. Let's look at some of these.

Tell Us A Meal That Always Tastes Great the Second Day?


Click here to visit this question on our Facebook page so you can add your answer in the comments. We love hearing from you. You can also chime in anytime using the chat on our station app. 

Grand Junction Colorado Tells Us Which Leftovers are Best the Next Day

This may come down to a tie-breaker by the end of the week. Meatloaf, Chili, Spaghetti, all sit in a virtual tie-up on our leader board. Scroll through the best leftovers below according to Grand Junction, Colorado.

How can I get better at doing leftovers? Well, a couple of secrets lie in storage, thinking of leftovers as "ingredients" for new creations, and the simple fact that just about anything will add texture or body to a homemade stew.

We hope you enjoy these suggestions as much as we did.

Grand Junction Colorado Shares Which Leftovers are Best the Next Day

Some foods taste even better the next day. We asked you to share an example of a meal at home that always seems to taste better the next day? Here are the top tasty responses.

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