A woman in Colorado can't get her squatter ex-boyfriend out of her house because Colorado courtrooms are currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jamie Rich owns a house in Castle Rock but has been staying in hotel rooms because of a squatter. The squatter that's living at her house is her ex-boyfriend. According to KDVR, when their relationship started going south in February, she asked him to leave, but he didn't.

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Her ex-boyfriend refused to leave and told her that she would have to evict him to get him out of their house. Jamie started the eviction process, but then the coronavirus caused courtrooms to close.

She says she's a good person who helped him out while he was in prison, paid for his kid's cellphone bills, but he conned her. According to KDVR, she says she was in love with him but he conned her and manipulated her.

Jamie's squatter ex-boyfriend is currently living at her house while she's been staying in hotels. She has cameras at her house and sees him using her house as an ashtray, cutting down trees, robbing and destroying her property, and that everything is trashed.

According to KDVR, Jamie said that:

My entire life is being stolen because of COVID. My entire life. He has my house.

Jamie is still paying her mortgage every month, which is $2,000 a month, on top of the hotel rooms she's been staying in. She also said that between her living and lawyer costs, she's now $60,000 in debt.

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