Here in the state of Colorado we absolutely love everything that mother nature has to offer, and next year even more residents will be able to enjoy access to our state parks.

According to a press release from the office of the Governor of Colorado Jared Polis, starting in 2023, the new Keep Colorado Wild pass will be available for less than half the price of an annual state parks pass, when you purchase one during vehicle registration.

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What is A Keep Colorado Wild Pass?

Keep Colorado Wild pass is an annual pass that allows Colorado residents to visit 42 of Colorado's State parks and other participating public lands.

That means, mountains, hiking, biking, and a whole array of fun places to explore.

How Much Will A Keep Colorado Wild Pass Cost in 2023?

If you purchase a Keep Colorado Wild pass when you register your vehicle in Colorado then the price will only be $29!

In the past, an annual pass to Colorado's state parks would cost $80. To visit a Colorado state park without a pass, the price typically ranges between $15-$25. If you're a Colorado resident who enjoys taking in the beauty of the state, then the pass pays for itself very quickly.

“I’m thrilled that the Keep Colorado Wild Pass will help save Coloradans even more money and help people experience our world-class state parks system and great outdoors. Drastically reducing the cost for an annual state parks and public lands pass from $80 per year to just $29 annually for unlimited access will save families and individuals money and ensure care for our treasured parks and public lands and I thank President Fenberg, Reps. Tipper and Will and Senator Donovan for working with our administration on the landmark Keep Colorado Wild Annual Pass,” said Governor Jared Polis.

The new price point of $29 in 2023 is an absolute steal and will offer many more residents the opportunity to visit Colorado's amazing parks.

Where Does the Money for the Keep Colorado Wild Passes Go?

The money acquired from the Keep Colorado Wild passes will be used to help preserve our state parks and,  "support natural resource conservation, outdoor educational programs, search and rescue operations and equity and inclusion efforts in Colorado."

“When living in Colorado, a love for the outdoors becomes inevitable; it’s a part of who we are. Natural beauty surrounds us and spending time in nature enriches all of our lives,” said CPW Director Dan Prenzlow.

So whether you plan to visit our state parks or not, your purchase of the Keep Colorado Wild Pass is a generous and simple way to show you care about our outdoors, wildlife, lands and waters that make up the heartbeat of Colorado - and support those that manage it.

Purchasing the KCW Pass makes a direct investment to park maintenance projects,  search and rescue programs, avalanche awareness, wildlife conservation, and educational and equity programs, while also gaining access to all of Colorado's state parks.

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