Colorado traffic jams have changed a lot over the years. See the difference between traffic in Colorado in 1863 versus now with these pictures.

The picture above taken in Denver in 1863. Notice the plush, soft tops on their vehicles. I personally prefer hard tops myself.

Wagons and horses block the street in a strange circle pattern. I wonder if this was the beginning of the dreaded roundabout. (Which we have an excess of here in Grand Junction.)

Wagons are parked extremely close to each other as if to say, turn up the horsepower. And although there are no lanes, it seems like everyone is headed in the right direction.

Colorado Traffic Jams Look a Whole Lot Different Now, Just Look
Getty Images

Now, this is a much, much more recent pictures of Colorado traffic. This picture was taken about 150 years later, so things have changed -- greatly.

Notice how almost all cars come with a 'hardtop' instead of the soft tops on the wagons in the photo at the top. There are lanes, lights, lines, signs and even traffic barriers to help with traffic.

One thing hasn't changed about the traffic in Colorado in 1863 versus now, and that's people continue to drive super close to each other.

And for some reason, I don't think it's to be friendly. I think it means hurry up and saddle up and ride.

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