Being bored is dangerous. You do stupid things when you're bored. In Colorado, we live in a state with 14er mountains. Please don't do stupid things in the mountains when you are bored.

Instead, let's hit the road and check out 12 western slope communities that are big on fun, relaxation, and San Juan Mountain views. Since all these destinations are west of the divide, it won't take you all day to drive to any of them from Grand Junction. Unless it snows.

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Stupid Things People Do When Bored in Colorado

I swear I'm not making this up. We asked google, 'What are some stupid things people do in Colorado when they are bored'? The first answer was to 'Visit Aspen'. Score one for Google.

West Slope, Best Slope

If there is nothing to do, getting out and exploring will at least keep you active. This will help your overall health. Seriously, go hike to a mountain lake, ride a mountain bike, visit the hot springs, drive the Million Dollar Highway, and all the while avoiding the Denver traffic, tourists, and higher prices of Colorado's Front Range.

Western Colorado Loop

There are countless variations of a 'western Colorado loop' you can follow for great fishing trips, camping trips, 14er climbs, or clothing-optional hot springs. They are great for inspiration, but what is really fun is putting together your own. There are so many great options the only mistake you can make is not to go see what's out there.

Keep going to check out 12 Colorado communities anyone can enjoy the next time you find yourself thinking that there is nothing to do. Enjoy.

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