A flight from Denver destined for Raleigh, North Carolina, had already left the gate over an hour late last night before departing eastbound from DIA.

Frontier Airlines flight #560 climbed out to around 10,500 feet when the pilot was heard on the radio reporting a strange odor to air traffic control because there was some sort of contamination in the cabin.

160 passengers were then turned north, flew up to around Johnstown, and back to the south west where the flight got in line to land after only about 30 minutes in the air. Medics met the plane at the gate as a precaution, though none of the passengers or crew required any assistance.

Frontier issued a statement to Fox31 Denver, saying:

Earlier this evening, shortly following takeoff from Denver International Airport, Flight 560 bound for Raleigh-Durham with 160 passengers on board, experienced a fume event which prompted the flight crew to return the aircraft to Denver and request support from emergency medical personnel as a matter of precaution. A number of passengers and the flight crew were seen by EMS professionals at the gate. No reports of individuals requiring further medical treatment have been received. A replacement aircraft is scheduled to operate the flight with a departure later this evening.

The stinky plane was eventually replaced with a new aircraft and the passengers were ultimately taken to Raleigh, though later than originally planned.

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