The Colorado Senate has just passed a bill giving anyone 21 years old or older the right to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

For you or anyone else to do this you must be allowed to own a gun legally. This bill doesn't change the fact that you cannot have a weapon concealed or otherwise on any school properties.

This could be a mixed bag. Yes, it gives the gun owner the right to carry the said weapon around wherever they want to go. That could cause a panic in some places. I personally would feel safer seeing a gun on someone's hip rather than be concealed away.

You could be walking in the store or down the street not knowing that the person next to you could have a firearm on their person. How is that safe? If you want to carry a gun out in public I feel you should be able to see that firearm. That way you know what person has a gun or not.

Having a concealed weapon should only be meant for undercover cops or security guards. I love to go shooting, but never in my life would I want to hide my firearm to go places. If I am going to openly carry a weapon you will be able to see it. If this bill is signed by the governor it will go into effect immediately.

How do you feel about the new concealed carrying bill? Lets us know in the comments!