Corrine Kurtz is a seamstress in Colorado who usually makes things like teddy bears and memory pillows, but lately, she's been making face masks. This Colorado seamstress has made over 700 masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Corrine Kurtz starting sewing masks because she knew so many people were in need. She's been giving them away to first responders, medical workers, and grocery store workers.

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She says that although they're not the same as N95 masks, something is better than nothing. The more face masks she made, the more requests she got. On the day that Governor Polis asked Coloradans to wear masks, Corrine got over 500 messages requesting masks.

She's made so many that she ran out of supplies. Corrine recently ordered more supplies and said the price and shipping for elastic were crazy expensive. She started making masks about two weeks ago and has made over 760, and that was the day before yesterday. She guesses she's probably closer to 800 now.

Corrine has donated over 500 masks to first responders, medical workers, and grocery store workers. Once she posted about making masks on Facebook, they started contacting her about getting some. She's had ICU and ER nurses, police officers and more contact her.

After Corrine makes the maks, she irons them, puts them in a plastic baggie, puts people's names on them and leaves them outside to pick them up. She's sent masks to California and Texas. Corrinne says that for people on the front line, these masks are free.

Corrine is busy homeschooling her kids, working on her regular orders and stays up late to make masks. She says if anyone wants to learn how to make their own masks, you can learn from Corrine's video here.

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