I'm constantly on the search for good food, These Colorado restaurants have been on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. If they're good enough for TV, they're good enough for me. 

Source: TV Food Maps

  • Steuben's

    Stueben's is an auto garage turned restaurant. Ruebens, milkshakes, malts and chicken and waffles are among your delicious choices at Stueben's.

  • Biker Jim's Gourmet Hot Dogs

    Imagine any kind of hot dog you want - Biker Jim's has it. Reindeer, rattlesnake, elk, boar, pheasant, and on and on. I'd go for the fried mac n cheese as my side, or fried pickles, or both.

  • Tocabe American Indian Eatery

    Chicken, bison ribs, tacos, and green chile stew. Do I need to say anymore? I've never been disappointed eating Native American food. This place is like a Chipotle, but way better.

  • Denver Biscuit Company

  • Thee Pitts

    This one wasn't on the list but Thee Pitts has two locations, one in Arizona and the other in Silverton, Colorado. The Pitts has been family owned since 1978 and they know how to do mesquite BBQ.

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