Have you seen the numbers on our station app that highlight the places where people in Colorado move to the most? In 2019, more than 18,000 people moved from Colorado to the state of Texas. That was the top destination. That same year more than 32,000 Texas residents moved here.

What's interesting is that no matter how many people move away, the population keeps growing. More and more people come to Grand Junction and elsewhere every year, and it doesn't take one very long to figure out why.

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Colorado Usually Comes Out Ahead

Despite the moans and groans about transplants, Colorado always seems to receive more new residents than it loses each year. Using the guide that shows where people are moving, even states like West Virginia drop off more than they ever pick up. In 2019, 266 Coloradans moved to West Virginia. Somehow 502 of them moved here.

What about North Dakota? I'd never move there. In 2019, 585 people moved from Colorado to North Dakota. Do you know how many of them moved here? 2,084.

Reasons People Love Living in Colorado

So tell us your reason. If you were born here, tell us your favorite thing about living in Colorado. If you moved to Colorado at some point in your life, what was the first thing you fell in love with after you got here? We want to hear from you with the chat feature on our station app or on social media.

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