Catching fireflies when you're a kid is a special thing. It's one of the only kinds of bugs you can catch that actually light up, and are gentle enough to be handled by little ones here in Colorado.

These days, fireflies seem harder to come by during the summer months. They love wetlands and areas near water. If summers are hot and dry, fireflies can be harder to find. Did you know there are still several hotspots you can visit to see tons of fireflies at night? Let's take a look at where they are.

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Finding Fireflies in Colorado

Fireflies/Lightning bugs need a fresh and moist environment to thrive. In a state like Colorado, you'll find large pockets of Lampyridae (fireflies) nestled in the mountain valleys. Strong rivers or large bodies of water in these valleys make great habitats for these curious critters that flash light as a result of bioluminescence.

Top Stops for Viewing Fireflies in Colorado

Are you looking for fireflies in large numbers? Some of the best places to find them will be on Colorado's Front Range. Scroll through the photo gallery below for six locations that have become some of the most popular places in the state to view fireflies in large numbers.

  • Riverbend Ponds Natural Area in Fort Collins
  • The Morey Wildlife Reserve in Loveland
  • Sawhill Ponds Open Space near Boulder
  • Fountain Creek Regional Park (Fountain, Co)
  • Filoha Meadows Nature Preserve in Redstone
  • Chatfield State Park near Littleton

Finding Fireflies in Western Colorado

Areas that are hot, dry, and without healthy water sources are far less likely to see fireflies during the summer months. Fireflies feed on the larvae from slugs and snails. If you don't see any of them around, chances are you won't find fireflies either. Peak months to get out and see them include June and July, but they can surprise us at other times as well. Great places to look include Blue Mesa Reservoir, Grand Mesa, Moffat, Divide, Carbondale, and near Durango, Colorado.

Six Places You Can Still Find Firefly Viewing in Colorado

Can you remember going outside as a kid and catching fireflies at dusk? You don't see many of these tiny critters as we did years ago, but they still have a few strongholds here in Colorado. Find out more about six locations that offer firefly viewing and even a few firefly tours.

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