9A ranch for sale in Cedaredge, Colorado is known for being a hunting ranch, frequented by big game such as elk, moose, and even bears.

Location of Colorado Ranch For Sale

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The Colorado ranch, known as the Warren Hunting Ranch, is located on Currant Creek Rd, Cedaredge, CO 81413. The property is just outside of the town of Cedaredge in the mountains.

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Info About Colorado's Warren Hunting Ranch

Because of the ranch's location right between BLM land and National Forest land, it is perfect for many outdoor activities including snowmobiling, hiking, four-wheeling, and, of course, hunting.

The property is a total of 391 acres and the current asking price is $1.3 million with an estimated mortgage payment of $6,826 a month.

More About Colorado's Warren Hunting Ranch

The ranch is a hunter's paradise. If you keep scrolling, you'll see amazing photos of numerous large animals that have been spotted on the property. These include droves of deer and elk, often in groups, as well as moose, different types of bears, sometimes alone and at other times with cubs.

In addition, B&C mule deer was taken just above the property in 2015, and a record book black bear was taken on the property back in 2018.

The property also includes a large, open-face building to use for storage, parking, or whatever you'd like, as well as a garage, platform for spotting wildlife, a shed, and plenty of places to park recreational vehicles.

Not only that, the property has a water system, as well as a spring in which water can be used for wildlife use.

You Could Own a Colorado Ranch Known for Elk and Bear Hunting

A ranch for sale in Cedaredge, Colorado is known for frequent visits from deer, elk, moose and bears.

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