One thing that the town of Cañon City, Colorado is most well-known for is its prisons. Just outside of Cañon City is the notorious ADX Florence, also known as SuperMax, which houses the worst of the worst.

There are also numerous prisons surrounding SuperMax, but on the other side of town is an old prison that no longer houses prisoners, but has been converted into a museum. However, there are likely still some prisoners still lurking inside the walls as the museum is reportedly extremely haunted which is likely at least partially due to some of the unsettling artifacts inside.

What is the Museum of Colorado Prisons?

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The Museum of Colorado Prisons is so old that it predates Colorado as a state entirely and served as a prison for many years. Located at 201 N 1st St, Cañon City, CO 81212, the building has been converted into a museum.

There are all kinds of strange artifacts inside the museum including a toothbrush shank, an execution table, and even a gas chamber. In fact, the gas chamber is the last one ever to be used in the state of Colorado.

Not only do these artifacts make the prison a creepy place, but it is also reportedly extremely haunted.

Colorado's Haunted Prison Museum

Numerous employees of the Museum of Colorado Prisons have reported paranormal activity in the museum including books falling off of shelves, lights flickering on and off, broken pianos playing on their own, and even reports of dark figures with bright green eyes appearing in front of them.

Take a virtual tour of the Museum of Colorado Prisons and see some of the unsettling things that it holds inside:

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