A man was walking his dog in Eleven Mile Canyon when he saw a bald eagle sitting real low on a branch, too low. According to Vail Daily, the man told a neighbor who then tried to catch the eagle, but wasn't successful.

The poor bald eagle got scared and went into the drainage tunnel. This is when Colorado Parks & Wildlife comes to the rescue. Joe Kraudelt is a CPW volunteer and is very experienced with transporting injured wildlife. (He's so good at it, he's been honored for it by CPW"s Southeast Region.)

Joe and his team came ready to save the bald eagle with a large kennel and a fishing net. Thankfully one of the rescuer's team members was small enough to get into the drainage tunnel. To get the bald eagle out, one member went inside the tunnel to get the eagle to come out on the other side where Joe was.

After three hours of crawling in a tunnel and pulling the bald eagle through deep snow on a sled, it was safe. Thankfully it only had one claw missing from its talon and a bruised wing. The eagle is now at the Wildlife and Nature Discovery Center's raptor campus in Pueblo.

It's touching to see how much people care about our Colorado animals and what they'll do to save them. I think animals like this bald eagle deserve nothing but the best and it's our job to provide that for them.

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