The murder of Chris Watts' wife Shannan and two young daughters Celeste and Bella shook the world, and especially the state that the crime occurred in, which was Colorado.

Now, the home that the family once lived in, which is located in Frederick, Colorado, between Denver and Fort Collins, is for sale,

However, although only one of the three murders took place in the home, it is proving very difficult to sell the house. Watts' wife, Shannan, was murdered by her husband in the home, but his two young daughters met their tragic and unfortunate demises miles away.

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Watts has since been charged and sentenced for his unspeakable crimes against his wife and daughters and is currently serving multiple life sentences in prison.

Take a virtual tour of the home that nobody once to buy that was once owned by Chris Watts and inhabited by his family that is unfortunately no longer with us.

Colorado Murder Chris Watts' Home for Sale

Following being convicted of murdering his wife and two daughters, Chris Watts' Colorado home is now for sale.


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