No this isn't Morris the Moose going to school. This was more like Ninja Moose that had made himself at home, and it was a little too close for comfort for some Greeley residences.

Saturday, August 25 a rather larger juvenile bull moose was moved from Greeley by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The CPW captured "Mr. Moose" near the Poudre River Trail and relocated him to Moose Country, by Laramie River Valley.

The Greeley Tribune reported that Mr. Moose had been making himself right at home at the Boomerang Links Golf Course. CPW got involved when he started visiting residence on a regular basis.

A spokesman for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife stated that "Mr. Moose had to be moved."

Mission accomplished! The CPW did a fantastic job, and Mr. Moose got an upgrade to a more luxurious site with cooler temperatures. YAY Mr. Moose!

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