Get ready to party this spring on the campus of Colorado Mesa University as Grand Junction welcomes Bryce Vine and BabyJake to western Colorado.

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Bryce Vine and BabyJake in Grand Junction

Bryce Vine and BabyJake are coming to Colorado Mesa University on April 15th. This show will happen at Grand Mesa Field with the gates opening at 5 pm.

Tickets are on sale now for the general public at you are a CMU student then the concert is FREE. Tickets are available to the general public at $30.00.

Where is Grand Mesa Field at Colorado Mesa University?

Grand Mesa Field is the intramural field that sits right next to the Grand Mesa Residence Hall and Grand Mesa Multi-Purpose Room. The concert will start at 7 pm on April 15th. Be sure to bring your MAV card.

Items Not Permitted at Grand Mesa Field

If you are attending the concert there will be a NO BAG policy at the gate. This means do not bring a backpack or a purse because you will not be allowed to bring it onto Grand Field. Weapons are not allowed at Grand Field.

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