Traveling to the Front Range for Thanksgiving? You may run into a COVID-19 mask mandate maintained by some counties in Colorado depending on where you are traveling to.

Before we fill up the car and head off to enjoy the holiday, you may want to know which Colorado counties you will be expected to wear masks in any and all public places regardless of vaccination status.

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Be Aware of COVID-19 Numbers in Colorado

While vaccination status and wearing a mask are entirely up to the individual, if you travel to these counties you will be expected to be wearing a mask in public places. So if the trip to see the family in Denver means you'll be stopping for gas, stores in the area will be asking you to put on a mask to come inside, etc. If you don't want to do so, you will want to avoid traveling to those areas. Simple as that.

Which Colorado Counties Have Issued Mask Mandates Over Thanksgiving?

Of the five Colorado counties that have issued mask mandates, all of them are in the Eastern half of the state. Scroll through the gallery below to see COVID-19 numbers in each county and the age limit for those required to wear masks. This information varies slightly from county to county.

Which Colorado Counties Require Face Masks in All Public Places?

If you are traveling in Colorado for Thanksgiving, the following counties have mask mandates in place in all public places regardless of vaccine status.

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