A baby bobcat in Colorado got his head stuck in a fence. Thankfully, his curiosity didn't get the best of him and was set free and reunited with his mama.

This morning (Tuesday, July 23) a baby bobcat was being a typical, curious cat and got his head stuck in a fence. Lakewood Police tweeted that Animal Control officers had this tricky kitty situation under control.

The Animal Control officers got the baby free from the fence fiasco, while his mom kept a close watch over them the whole time. As soon as he was set free, he immediately ran up a tree and was reunited with his mama.

You can see his little face in the first picture says 'please help me, I messed up.' The second picture shows the baby bobcat about to get set free and the third makes me laugh. Even though he is adorable, the last picture truly shows how much of a savage he'll be when he grows up.

I know both the baby bobcat and its mama are happy to be reunited after the fence fiasco. This cat still has all nine lives, thanks to the Animal Control officers.

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