I can't even believe that this had to have a bill to pass before kids could sell lemonade or whatever they decided to come up with for a little cash.

On Monday, April 1 Gov. Jared Polis signed Bill 103 into law which allows a minor to run a small business or an occasional business without a permit.

According to the Denver Post, the law prevents the local government or any agency of local government to require a permit from a minor that sells something such as lemonade or similar fewer than 84-days a year.

When police officers told a mom, Jennifer Knowles' and her three sons ages seven, five and three "that they had to shut down their lemonade stand because they didn't have the proper permits" mom didn't allow that to stop them from making lemons into lemonade.

They learned the law and did what they could to make a difference in Colorado for young entrepreneurs and that's exactly what they did.

Victory for the kids in Colorado. The Governor even signed the Bill with a handmade wooden pen made by Evan Hoing, a young gentleman in sixth-grade who is a woodturner.

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