In my family, every Thanksgiving gathering comes with a last-minute run to the grocery store for some essential item that was forgotten. I've learned to listen to the tone of voice that comes from the kitchen, and I can almost always tell when the cooks notice something is missing.

So, what are our options going to be this Thanksgiving in Grand Junction? Will there be a chance of running to the store for something you need at the last minute? Yes, indeed.

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Grand Junction Grocery Stores Open on Thanksgiving

The good news is that there are grocery stores in Grand Junction that plan on being open for most or part of the Thanksgiving holiday. In western Colorado, you'll be able to shop at City Market, Safeway, Sprouts Farmers Market, and Walgreens.

Shop City Market on Thanksgiving

City Market on 12th Street.
Google Street View

Shop Safeway On Thanksgiving

A photo of Safeway on Horizon Drive.
Google Street View

Shop Sprouts Farmer's Market on Thanksgiving

Sprouts Market in Grand Junction.
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Shop Walgreens on Thanksgiving

A photo of Walgreens on Patterson Road.
Google Street View
  • Name: Most Walgreens Locations will offer store hours of 9 AM to 6 PM on Thanksgiving. Most Pharmacies will NOT be open on Thanksgiving.
  • Locations: Park Drive, North Avenue, 32 Road, and Aspen Avenue.
  • Online: Shop at Walgreens online.

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