Santa is finishing up his list while the elves put the finishing touches on all of the toys. But if you are worried about what to get I have you covered.

It's time to go a little out of the box and find some food type gifts that you can only get in Colorado.

If you have never had the pleasure of eating Enstrom Toffee well then you are missing out. This is some of the best candy that I have ever had. When you get them some of this toffee as a gift, they will cry with joy once they take that first bite.

Starvin Arvin is my favorite place to go for an amazing breakfast. But what most people don't know is that you can buy their amazing hot sauce. The flavors are absolutely incredible and whoever receives this as a present will eat it on everything.

Alidas Fruit has the best peach condiments in the whole Valley. One of the best things that they have has to be the peach salsa. You can eat it for breakfast on some eggs or just with some chips. I put it on some steak and it has some crazy flavor. You can never go wrong with peach salsa.

A Country Cupboard is a treasure trove of awesome. They have spices, candies, and candles. This place is amazing. You can go here and fill up your stockings with all kinds of stuff. I've spent a few hours in here just getting spices for my mother-in-law.

Fisher's Market is the place to go if you are looking for meats. I know what you are thinking, meat as a present? This will make any red meat lover happy. Imagine going to the freezer for Christmas and having a stack of t-bone steaks just waiting for you. Talking about it is bringing tears to my eyes.

All of these will make for an amazing present for anybody you love. Or even a little present for yourself.

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