With 39 paved mountain passes in Colorado, there are a lot of great drives to make during the fall. The Dallas Divide in Colorado is beautiful, the perfect place for a drive through the changing Colorado scenery.

The Dallas Divide is at an elevation of 8,983 feet and located on Highway 62, between Ridgway and Placerville. From Ridgeway to Placerville is about 29 minutes. The road overlooks the San Juan and Uncompahgre Mountains.

Not only is this a beautiful drive, but a historic one too. The first road on the mountain was made in 1880. The road connected Dallas to Telluride.

The area is named after the 11th Vice President of the United States, George M. Dallas. The divide gets its name from Dallas Creek, which drains into the Uncompahgre River.

Look at that view! Make sure to bring your camera on this beautiful drive.

Colorado Fall Color Drives Dallas Divide
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