Colorado drivers license's have remained the same for a long time. However that is changing, and the changes come with extra security.

Colorado drivers licenses now have a different look. Not only does it have a totally different design, but it is also enhanced like never before.

The new design and features include a laser engraved information, along with  a star in the upright corner to prove that the ID is real and not faked. Take a look at where the drivers license number actually is. That is something I have never seen before on a license.

The back of the card has a different look as well. There is a 2D barcode, along with the Colorado symbols.

One of the coolest features of the new licenses is new military and veteran identifiers that are located in the lower right-hand corner, and some color-changing security marks.

I know what your thinking. What if I still have an old ID? No worries, you can continue to use them until they expire, and then you can transfer over to the new one.