If only climbing into a semi-trailer or a dump truck with the keys meant you were qualified to drive it down Horizon Drive in Grand Junction. Can't just hop on a motorcycle either? Come on, Colorado.

Driver's license classifications are a thing in Colorado, and like in most states, they are also the law. Scroll on to learn the distinction between the five main types of licenses you can be issued in Colorado.

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A Variety of Driver's Licenses

The five main types of classification issued in Colorado include:

What is the difference between these types of licenses? What are the qualifications to be able to get a license to drive a dump truck? Today we are going to find out.

Which License Do You Need To Operate a Big Rig?

Semi-trailers, tractor-trailer buses, and trailer trucks all require the driver to have been issued a Class A Commercial Drivers License in the state of Colorado. Can I drive a motorcycle with my Class A license? No, you can not. Although, I can understand why you might want to. The requirements for these two very different licenses are explained below.

What are the Requirements for a Class A CDL in Colorado?

Passing a few tests is all it takes. Just like when you first went to get your driver's license, people visit the DMV all the time to take on-road and written tests. Upon passing, you can be issued a license for a regular vehicle, a semi, a motorcycle, or a garbage truck. All these vehicles require different safety tests and thus are all classified differently.

Keep going to check out the five types of driver's licenses you can get in the state of Colorado, and the requirements for each.

A Guide to the Different Types of Driver's Licenses in Colorado

Take a closer look at the five types of licenses available to motorists in Colorado who qualify. Scroll on to learn which class license you need for the vehicle you want to operate. We've also included the requirements to be awarded that license.

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